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Senior Business Analyst-Posted: 20/02/2021

Full Time-Pay Negotiable

The Senior Analyst position is a key role in ensuring that the invaluable work of the NFCU intelligence analysts meets broader occupational standards for this profession and that the products delivered by the team meet customer needs. Supported by the work of the Unit’s intelligence analysis capability, NFCU can demonstrate that it understands the food crime threat and can articulate this insight. This work also ensures that the Unit’s activity is properly directed, and informed both by thematic reporting and more targeted, tactical analysis. This will include: Defining the scope of analysis work packages with the intelligence and investigation leads across NFCU Overseeing the delivery of strategic analysis to equip the NFCU, the wider FSA and external partners with informed insight around the food crime threat Developing and assuring the professional standards of the intelligence analysts, in line with the competence framework set by Cabinet Office Providing insight and advice to decision makers Developing and maintaining productive working relationships with key partners and customers, sharing our understanding of key food crime issues and seeking to resolve our intelligence requirements. The post will include line management responsibilities for HEO Intelligence Analysts. Candidates that are already part of an established job-share are welcome to apply. 

To apply: please send email along with an application form and your CV to:

Artisian Baker-Posted: 31/03/2021

Ranges between 23K-24K per annum depending on experience. Job Types: Full-time, Contract,Permanent.

You are entitled to 28 days per annum including Bank Holiday if you are a full-time Employee and this is calculated on a pro rata basis if you are part-time Employee. £100 on top of your monthly salary for attendance. £100 on top of your monthly salary for Employee of the month.

Our clients based in London, are looking for experienced Artisan Bakers/Bakers on a permanent basis. Duties will include: • Accurately weighing out and preparing ingredients for mixing • Ordering ingredients as required • Mixing, dividing and shaping dough prior to proving – for the artisan is a process carried out by hand from scratch • Setting and cooking times for different products • Baking various types of bread and other bakery products in small batches • Wrapping, slicing and packaging bread products for sale in shops and delicatessens • Specialist decoration and patisserie production • Cleaning of all implements and work surfaces and areas

Shifts and Hours: Shifts are rotated on a 14-day basis. Shifts comprise of 5 days worked at 9 hours and 6 days worked at 9 hours per day. You are entitled to a minimum of 30 minutes break per shift which is unpaid.

To apply: please send email along with an application form and your CV to:

Self Employed Van Driver-Posted: 24/03/2021

Starting job: 3rd April 2021 Starting time: 9AM to 5PM Salary: £10 PH Minimum Booking: 8 hrs Multi-drop: 4 to 7 deliveries across London

Job Details: Title: Delivery Van Driver (3.5 tonne) Job Purpose/Aim: Distribute products promptly to franchisees in a professional and cost-effective manner to increase customer satisfaction. Reports to: Warehouse Manager Supported by: Warehouse, Purchasing, IT, Marketing & Operations Job description: • Delivering a wide variety of items to different addressed and through different routes • Follow delivery driving routes and time schedules • Loading, unloading, preparing, inspecting and operating the delivery vehicle • Collect payments • Complete logs and reports • Follow all drivers regulations and health and safety standards and regulations

To apply: please send email along with an application form and your CV to:

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