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About Focal Point Recruitment

Why choose our services

At Focal Point Recruitment, we have the ability to match talent with the perfect career. This benefits the candidate seeking a new opportunity but also benefits the employer. 

We hold interviews with our candidates before we put them forward to the employer. This lets us screen each candidate to make sure they fit the job description and to make sure no time is wasted in the employment process!

Our process

We get a high interest in all our vacancies, so this requires us to carefully screen each CV to make sure the  candidates we put forward are the correct fit. 

Once this is completed, we interview candidates before we put them forward to the employer. 

We believe our internal thorough screening makes us stand out in the recruitment field and this is why our clients have so much trust in us and so do our candidates.

Our obligation

We love what we do. It is our mission to find the most suitable candidate for the occupation given to us. 

We want both the employee and employer to succeed when choosing us!

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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